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About Essential Tax Solutions

In America, one of the most appalling seasons is during the time of filing taxes. For the average individual, whether filing for a personal or business tax return, you may be in a knee-deep uncertainty trying to resolve how much money goes to where while expecting your refund. 

At Essential Tax Solutions, you have a team that will take care of the math and will allow you to spare yourself from the humdrum of filing taxes. 

You may choose other tax preparation services,
but why?

Annually, our tax assistance service assures you of an accurate income tax return. Surely, we understand that you may choose other income tax services agencies, but with our team from a specialized firm, there’s no one-size-fits-all. We provide you with the one-on-one kind of assistance that’s adjusted and tailored according to your needs. 

Our Commitment

We are often faced with tedious tasks at times. Filing taxes shouldn’t be one of them. We are committed to simplifying tax preparation for you and helping you get maximum returns. Data safety and security through protected data transmission protocols is our priority. 

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No Surprises, Just Frills

We assure you of zero surprise fees and mediocre services—and because you deserve more, we have different prizes and promotions if you file with us. 

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Essential Tax Solutions is a growing tax preparation agency owned and run by Tiffany Carter. It is formerly known as Assurity Tax which operated for several years and in 2021, it rebranded into Essential Tax Solutions but continued to provide the same services that the former had before. ETS is not a tax preparation firm that needs CPAs or public accountants. Nevertheless, its years of experience speak of the current five-star rating from its consistent clients.

To us, you are more than just a client. As tasks and rules of filing taxes change and require more from you, you deserve a team whose expertise you can rely upon throughout the year. 

“Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.”
-Rebbie Cosey